Dr Alessandro Malfatto
Qualifications:BA MBBS RCPsych Associate
Minimum Age:18
Insurance Supported:BUPA
Specialisms:General Psychiatry
Eating Disorders

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Dr Alessandro Malfatto combines work as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist with his work at Psymplicity Healthcare, and has spent the last 14 years working within the field of General Adult Psychiatry, having completed his studies and training in Italy, at the University of Torino.
He holds a University of Maastricht Certificate in The Neuroscience of Affective Disorders (Depression, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Post Traumatic stress disorder) and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in this field. He additionally has significant experience working with clients affected by Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Psychosis and Eating Disorders.

Alongside the prescription of medication and biological psychiatry, he delivers Mentalisation Based Therapy for Personality Disorders, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Therapy, and brings these disciplines into his work with his clients.

Dr Malfatto works to create a holistic and patient-centred treatment package, to empower the individuals he works with to pursue their life objectives. Dr Malfatto is involved in teaching undergraduate medical students during their psychiatric internship program and has lectured on the Psychotherapy of Eating disorders at University College London (UCL). He is able to consult in English, Italian and French and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

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