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Testimonials about our practitioners

About Shai Dolinsky

Shai worked with me as a participant observer/ co-therapist in a psychotherapy group  for a period of one year and I found his clinical work in that setting to be of a very high standard. I was impressed with his contribution and the manner with which he approached the work. He was a very popular figure with patients.

Michael S, Principal Adult Psychotherapist.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Shai Dolinsky in the course of the last two years. I have found him to be kind, empathetic and characterised by a quiet confidence all of which I am sure contribute to his clinical effectiveness as a psychotherapist. Shai is committed to helping others overcome their difficulties and is particularly passionate about the medium and longer-term work that is necessary to address entrenched psychological issues, which may not have responded to previous therapeutic interventions. I would have no hesitation in referring my patients to him and feel fortunate for the opportunity to continue working with him. 

Dr. D, Consultant Psychiatrist

Shai is a highly trained and experienced psychotherapist. He is a warm person and has excellent communication skills that facilitate building a strong relationship with patients, families and professionals. His approach can be easily incorporated in a bio-psycho-social treatment plan for all severity of mental health conditions when indicated.

Dr  K, Consultant Psychiatrist.

Shai is a highly skilled and professional psychotherapist. Through his genuine ‘way of being’ he is able to create a safe and comfortable space for his clients and his warm, caring approach is a true asset. I would highly recommend Shai to clients and colleagues.

Fay K, Therapist.

Shai Dolinsky is an experienced and skilful psychotherapist with a broad range of training. He has extensive experience of treating eating disorders. He provides effective therapy for young adults including young men with complex problems. He is an effective therapist and I am happy to refer patients to him and to recommend him as a therapist.

Dr  L, Consultant Psychiatrist.


About Alexandra Schlotterbeck

Alexandra  brings a calm professional clarity to her practice, with an underlying  care and sensitivity which brings depth and authenticity to her work.

Paul N, Psychotherapist.

I had the privilege to work with Alexandra co-facilitating a 10-week group at The Gestalt Centre. I appreciate her challenge and support that she offered me at that time to keep growing as an individual and therapist. That is perhaps one of the things she offers to her clients: compassionate support and tuned challenge to raise awareness of behavioural patterns. Her psychotherapy interests and experience include body- work, trauma, and relationships.

Dr D, Psychotherapist


About Dr Sophia Gazla

I believe that Sophia has the sort of personality combined with integrity and professional values that allows development to take place in a balanced and healthy way where the client remains her focus. Sophia is a kind and generous person who is gentle in her nature. I believe this helps people find their own path as she does not force her opinions and beliefs upon people, however, Sophia is a principled person and her work is focussed.

Sandy M, Social Worker

Sophia has great insight and technical knowledge,  she always takes the time to hear the whole story before making assumptions and she allows herself to be effectively guided by her intuition as well as her knowledge and experience. Sophie’s breadth of training means that she is able to use a wide range of techniques and interventions and I get the sense that she is able to adapt and use these effectively by accurately attuning to the needs of her clients. Sophie is highly respectful in her professionalism and operates with an impressive level of integrity.

Jodie H, Integrative Counsellor


About Aryeh Sampson

We came to see Aryeh as a married couple who had lost their way in communicating with one another most essentially in empathy. Having hit what felt at the time like rock bottom it was amazing to get to a point after 8-10sessions whereby we felt incredibly close again and reconnected on a deeper level than before. We discovered the value of one another and can now move forward in a very positive and happy place and feel very thankful to Aryeh for giving us the tools to do so.

Mrs P

I went to see Aryeh during a time in my life where I was beginning to feel depressed and it was affecting nearly all aspects of my life. Aryeh is an amazing listener and his in-depth analysis of things I never would have thought of helped me resolve some huge holes in my life.

Mr A

Aryeh is calm, down to earth and easy to approach, which is exactly what you need when you’re feeling vulnerable talking about yourself and your issues.”

Mr R

You have helped us enormously to move past our problems and find a better way to communicate. We are both very grateful for all your help.

Mrs S

I feel the immense benefit to my life coming to you has given me.

Mr B


About Lesley Kalish

I genuinely loved and looked forward to our sessions and I am quite sad to have had to stop with it. I know that you have helped me so much by helping see things and come to terms with things I found it hard to. Lesley, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my therapist and for your kindness.

Mrs A

When I first started coming to our sessions, I was quite an angry, hurt, quiet, fragile girl. Two years on, I see myself as a confident, strong, intelligent woman, with a lot going for me. Lesley, you have helped me to become the person I am today.

Miss P

I frequently think of what I learned and feel a lot of gratitude for the way you helped me/us. Things have progressively improved, although of course there are ups and downs, but what a relief that the despair and uncertainty has now gone.

Mrs S

It was pleasantly surprising how empathic, understanding and insightful you were. It definitely made everything easier.


Mr N

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