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ADHD & ADD Diagnosis London

ADD and ADHD diagnosis at Psymplicity Healthcare is carried out by one of our specialist psychiatrists using the most up-to-date methods.

Private ADHD Assessment London

Psymplicity Healthcare’s specialist psychiatrists offer accurate assessments for ADHD and ADD in our London clinics. A short report will be produced for you which you can choose to share with your GP.

Treatment for ADD and ADHD focuses on managing symptoms and reducing difficulties that arise from the disorder. To ensure a perfectly tailored treatment plan we will begin with a professional diagnosis and produce a personalised assessment report.

After a diagnosis is determined a specialised treatment plan can be arranged using the full range of resources available at Psymplicity Healthcare.


The terms are sometimes used to mean the same thing, but there are key differences which will be determined during your assessment. ADD is similar to ADHD, without necessarily including the continuous movement and fidgeting. The distinction isn’t always that clear-cut however, and your specific symptoms can vary. Psymplicity Healthcare’s varied and multi-disciplinary practitioners can assess your specific needs and design a treatment plan which is perfectly suited to you. You can find out more at our ADHD and ADD Symptoms page.

ADD Medication

We do not believe that any one solution suits everyone so the experienced ADD experts at our clinic will evaluate your ADD medication needs and form a treatment plan that works best. We have a deep understanding of the specific benefits of each of the common ADD meds and will explain these to you during your appointment.

ADHD Medication

The commonly prescribed ADHD drugs are similar to those used for ADD. Our psychiatrists will discuss these with you during your visit and determine your ideal ADHD treatment plan.

Attention Deficit Disorder Specialist in London

Psymplicity Healthcare’s London clinics offer specialist treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder. We are happy to provide detailed travel directions to our clinics if you live outside of the London area.

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